The Club Committee decided early in the Year 2000 that the 50th anniversary celebration would take place at the Labour Weekend 2000. 

Consequently, a sub committee was formed and the event soon began to take shape.  The venue was arranged, club history and photos acquired (most of which appears in this publication), invitations produced and distributed, merchandise designed, and a programme developed.
And finally, the weekend arrived with a Friday night gathering at the Evans Bay Yacht Club to kick the whole thing off.  This was meant to provide a gathering point for those members who had travelled from out of town, and to provide an opportunity for people to get re-acquainted.  Many beers were consumed and the weekend was off to good start.
Saturday, the main day for the anniversary began early with an organised trip to the City and Sea Museum in central Wellington.  This was followed by a mystery dive around midday (that took place at Shark Tooth Rock, Te Raekaihau Point) or a light lunch at the Yacht Club.  In the afternoon there was an opportunity to visit the Island Bay Marine Research Centre, rounding off the daytime activities.
Saturday evening was the big event, dinner, speeches and reminiscences at the Yacht Club.  The turnout was fantastic, over one hundred members, ex-members and family catching up on old times.  It was a great opportunity for all the current club members to gain a first-hand insight into the rich history of the club.  Good food and drink was had by all and towards the end of the evening, an interesting talk and presentation was given by Wellington diver and businessman Bill Day.

Bill was followed by speeches from early, Club members Peter Strong, Joe Tomlin, Eddie Davidson, Malcolm Blair.

To finish the evening off, the traditional cutting of the cake took place.  This task was given to two people to undertake together, representing both the Club’s old and new faces, and highlighting that the Club is for both sexes.  So the cake was ceremoniously cut by Peter Strong, one of the Club’s founding members, and Klare Braye, the last full Club President.

On Sunday, a car rally took place for those that had survived the Saturday and could get out to the Parliament Buildings by 10:00am. This was followed by a barbeque back at the Yacht Club, and farewells to all those that attended.
Judging by the turnout on Saturday Night, the Club Members who travelled long distances to get to Wellington, and the comments after the celebrations, the Wellington Underwater Club 50th Anniversary was a big success.  Thanks go out to everyone who attended.

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